Important Things to Know

  • Machine : 1st True 128 slice Ultra Fast Dual Energy CT scanner in Surat (500 slice equivalent in VHS Mode). 66% less radiation exposure than other CT scanners.
  • Applications :
    • CT coronary and cardiac angiography.
    • Whole Body Angiography including Advanced 4D Neuro DSA for AVM CT Peripheral.
    • Pulmonary angiography.
    • CT guided interventions including biopsies, aspirations.
    • Drainage procedures.
    • Bones and Joints.
    • HRCT Lung and Temporal bone.
    • All routine CT applications.
  • Preparation :
    • Please bring all your old reports and files as well as films of previous studies.
    • No solid food for 4 hours. Water is allowed.
    • S. Creatinine level if contrast study is required.
    • For CT abdomen, patient is asked to drink 2 liters of oral contrast over a period of 45 to 60 minutes.
    • During all contrast procedures, a dye is injected into the patient’s vein to better delineate the anatomy and pathology (if any).
    • After contrast injection, patient is asked to wait for about 30 – 45 minutes to watch for any reactions to contrast.
  • Appointment : Appointment is required for all procedures.
  • You may be asked to get few laboratory investigations done prior to doing any procedure.

Medical Services

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